RTTT Performing Fine Arts Assessment Project

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Items needed to complete the application:
  • Home and work contact information
  • Detailed Education Background
  • Certifications
  • Letter of recommendation from your principal, signed and scanned into a PDF file (not required for Retired applicants no longer teaching or applicants applying only to become a Scorer)
  • Resume in PDF format
  • (Optional) Any other supporting documents, compiled into one PDF file
  • Answers to the following questions:
    1. Please describe your experience with writing or designing curriculum in your subject area at the local, district and/or state level. (Might include benchmark writing)
    2. Please describe your experience in assessment development in your subject area at the local, district and/or state level.
    3. Please list any specific strengths which you possess that you feel would be advantageous to the writing or reviewing teams (e.g., leadership, technology, etc.).
You will be asked to choose a username and a password. This will allow you to return to an incomplete application later if you do not complete your application, and it will be your access to the website for important documents and training if your application is accepted.

In case of technical difficulty please contact josh@cfaefl.org

Thank you for your interest in this Project.

The next round of applications will be determined by the Florida Department of Education..

Please stay in touch with us.