Management and Administration: The professional office staff at the CFAE understands the high level of demand placed on small and midsize organizations. Our experienced personnel are here to provide executive management and administration in a cost effective manner. Our services also include Board and Executive Committee cultivation and meeting support.

Event Planning and Support: The CFAE staff has numerous years experience planning conferences of all sizes ranging from 350 to over 8,000 attendees. This includes booking locations, hotel management, advertisement, exhibitor and sponsor relations, financial management, and scheduling.

Membership Management:
 Membership is a critical part of all nonprofit organizations. We take pride in offering superior membership management. We create and maintain organized membership records and provide a regular business presence online and in person for your patrons. Even when you are out of the office working to fulfill the mission of your organization, your patrons and members can still speak with a representative in person.

Financial Planning, Accounting, and Payroll: The CFAE is fully equipped to help small organizations manage their payroll and accounting needs. Our office can help organize your financial management needs while allowing you to focus on the organization’s mission.

Database Administration: Our in house Information Technology (IT) Department can create and manage your database giving you access to the information you need, when and where you need it. We are also able to create efficient ways to capture information online from member registrations, conference registrations, and surveys.

Web Development and Design: In today’s highly technological world small and midsize organizations must be able to compete with multi-million dollar businesses. We can create a custom website to increase your online line presence and image at a fraction of the cost.

App Development: Apps are a powerful tool that can reach your target audience when they are away from a computer. Whether you want to provide simple access to limited information, offer quick references guides/schedules for your conference, or engage your membership in a fully interactive app, we can create a custom application across multiple platforms for your association. 

Industry Publication: The CFAE can help provide your organization the capability to publish a professional journal, magazine, and newsletter both in print format and in electronic format for distribution through email and to be posted online. Example: Florida Music Director.