The FMEA, FSMA, CFAE, FAEA, and MPA Online websites use non-third-party non-marketing cookies. No cookies we use store direct personal data or data that can potentially be connected or singled out to identify or track a person.

What cookies do we use?

All data stored in cookies on our sites contain closed-system identifiers to maintain application state while the user is logged in. This may include numbers or seemingly random character strings that the application uses so that it knows which user is logged in and other options the user has selected such as their school, details about the MPA event they are entering or conference they are registering for, etc. This data is internal to our closed systems and cannot be used by outside parties to identify or track a person. 

We use Google Analytics to analyze our web traffic and user behavior patterns in order to improve the design and organization of our website content. In compliance with Google's terms of service, no personally identifiable data is sent to Google or stored in Google cookies. 

For more information or clarification, please email